Category: Life

26 February 2024

Meet Kate

I realised that it had been a hot-sec since I’d introduced myself. Not really sure I’ve ever committed to a formal introduction actually. I’ve only been a photographer for well over 15 years, so there is no need to rush these things. (sarcasm) I recently popped together a little reel on good-ole Instagram – you

29 January 2024

Finding Me

One of the many good decisions I made on the weekend was to head to the beach, on my own, for some ‘me’ time while my youngest babe had sports practice. (We don’t live near the sports practice and it’s just a happy coincidence that the new venue is only 5 minutes from the beach)

11 January 2024


On the feeling of “bittersweet” this quote sums it up perfectly: “Bittersweet is appreciating life’s most precious moments and the unbearable awareness that those moments are passing” Marc Parent As I’m putting together some of my fave images from my boy’s first 18 years this quote hits hard.  But with an even heavier level of

it's nice to be alive t-shirt from ball park concert

1 January 2024


I wrote these words on the 30th December 2023.  I’m sharing them here because I want to spend more time in 2024 sharing some ‘real’ words on life and love.  As I’ve tried to gently shared words throughout 2023, the more people reach out and connect and resonate with the words, the braver I feel