step by step

Most of our families have never had a photo shoot before, and even if they have, ours are a little different.

This is a step-by-step guide so you know what to expect from this little ADVENTURE …

First things first: our sessions are seriously relaxed. It’s just you, the people you love, and a friendly person who happens to have a camera (that’s us!)

We want you to feel like you didn’t even know you were having your photo taken. We’ll give you direction, but we don’t ‘pose’ … you’ll be amazed at the beautiful images we can create even when there is toddler inspired chaos reining around us. 


The first decision is you saying “Yes! Let’s do this!”

Most families book when they are newly pregnant (for newborn sessions we book based on your due date + 10 or so days).

Our lead time for sessions is usually 3-4 weeks in advance as we do book up ahead of time, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time so you don’t miss out or feel rushed. 


We charge a booking/session fee of only $90 to book your session date and time.

This covers your photographers time and talent to create a gorgeous gallery of images for you to choose from.

Please note, the session fee does not include digital files or any prints or products. A full copy of our entire product guide will be sent upon enquiry.

We have digital files available from $195, and digital file collections starting from $895.


Planning is really important – check out facebook page and Insta as this will give you a feel for the sort of clothing that works well and the type of imagery we’ll produce. 

Once your booking is locked into our calendar you’ll have access to our Client Lounge including our Client Wardrobe selections and preparation guides.


Your session is here!

We know ‘just getting there’ can be stressful. We’ve worked with kids and animals for a LOT of years. Kate is a mum to three kids herself. She’s seen it all.

Don’t stress.

We play, we discover, we chat, we drink coffee! (or run around a forest & field or even the beach) … we’ll direct your imagery but we won’t ‘pose’ you … most of the time our families just need a little bit of direction and then the magic happens.

Straight after your session you can relax with a fresh coffee and some snacks as we prepare your images for viewing.


While you take a breather and rest for 10 minutes after your photography session, Kate will prepare your images for viewing. 

Have a fresh coffee, a snack and within minutes we will sit down a view your images! How amazing is that!? 

No more having to wait to view your images or return to the studio. We’ve streamlined this process to make it as easy as possible for our busy families. 

Viewing your images is just the absolute best! We will go through your images and select your faves. 

If you wish to add on albums, prints or frames at this point, we help with the design for this as well.


Your favourite digital files will finely edited and sent through to you within 24 hours of your purchasing appointment. You can download them, share them and use them to print your own finished artworks. 

If you have added on albums, wall art or prints, these will be available for collection from the studio in around 4-6 weeks. 

And the best bit? Is watching your little people grow up and admire themselves and the people who love them, on a daily basis, as they see their family’s portraits proudly displayed.

All the feels right there.