There is nothing more quintessentially Australian than our BEACHES. From late summer sunsets, to rugs and BOOTS and beanies ... beach sessions are always gorgeous.

We are blessed to have absolutely amazing beaches right on our doorstep.

Our Beach location is the amazing Port Willunga Beach at Port Willunga. The variety this location gives us is fabulous, from red cliffs to blue water, board walks, sand dunes and fields – this location is gorgeous year round.


Our Beach sessions are ideal for families with kiddos 18 months +, when the kids need room to run and explore and be distracted by the fact we are outdoors.

Ideal of large family groups.

In Summer, newborn sessions are gorgeous here too.

We only offer certain evenings during the week for our Beach sessions so booking as early as possible is always best. School holidays book up very quickly.

In Winter our Beach Sessions start as early as 4.30 pm, and in Summer as late as 7.30 pm.

Bear these start times in mind when considering sleep times for your little humans, as often Winter sessions are more conducive to happy kiddos due to the earlier start times.

The one downside of this location is the lack of public toilets. Our tip is to stop by the OTR on the way through Aldinga Beach, just off the main road.

Port Willunga Beach is a public location, as such your fur baby is welcome to attend, however not off lead. Please know that bringing the fur baby the session does add an extra level of choas, so make sure you’re happy to embrace this!

These sessions are ideal for extended family sessions, however we will be walking through soft sand and it is a bit of a walk from the carpark, so please consider this if elderly grandparents are wanting to attend.

Port Willunga Beach is a public location, as such your fur baby is welcome to attend, however not off lead. Please know that bringing the fur baby the session does add an extra level of choas, so make sure you’re happy to embrace this!


It might sound like we are stating the obvious, but the beach is sandy and wet. You kind of need to expect to get … well … sandy and wet.

Whilst we don’t head straight to the water, we will end up at the waters edge and it is quite possible that feet will end up in the water, especially in Summer.

Kids like to play at the beach – expect sand to be thrown, sand castles to be made, races to be run. If you don’t like sandy hands or are worried about your little humans getting sandy – please choose our Forest & Field location instead.

We recommend plain and simple clothing, taking inspiration from the colours in nature. Textures work beautifully in Winter – knits and scarves and cardigans. In Summer, gorgeous dresses, hats and chinos are perfection.

We have a gorgeous selection of dresses in our studio wardrobe and you are welcome to choose from anything in our range, and we can bring it along.

Plain and simple works best, anything that you feel fabulous in. For partners, anything co-ordinating with you is perfect – keep it simple and steer clear of any large checks, spots, stripes or logos. If in doubt, just get in touch and we can help co-ordinate the whole family if you need.

NOTE: Especially in Winter, it is SUPER important that your little humans are WARM. A cold kid is a grumpy kid (also snot … sooooo much snot)

This is completely up to you, however we do find that mumma’s who invest a little bit in themselves, feel just that little bit more fabulous in front of the camera. And how you feel is what it’s all about at the end of the day!

So if it’s a good excuse to find 45 minutes to escape to be pampered, then go for it!

Bear in mind though, that the Beach is often windy, so perfectly styled hair may not stay that way and it’s really important to just go with the flow and not worry too much.

All our sessions are $285.

This covers your photographer’s time and talent capturing your gorgeous images, and an in studio Design and Ordering Appointment. Your session also includes one 8×10″ matted art print of your choice. (the session fee does not include digital files, these are available to purchase)

You can then choose to order additional prints and products, including digital files, from our Studio Catalogue. We go through this in detail at your Design and Ordering Appointment, however to give you a rough idea, most of our families spend around $2000.

There is no minimum spend, and no obligation to purchase. However, you WILL LOVE your images, so please make sure you discuss our pricing with your partner and all decision makers prior to booking.

You can jump on the studio’s calendar linked below, choose a Forest & Field session.

In order to secure your date and time, we require the session fee to be paid in full, however this is able to be rescheduled in the event of illness, covid or bad weather*

*studio discretion. T&C’s apply.

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