Kate | Adelaide Family Photographer

Everybody has a story.

Our stories are the threads which connect us. To each other. To the Earth. To our loved ones.

Kate’s story is one of strength, dedication, determination, hope and love.

Kate’s story is one of a mother. A wife. A sister. A daughter. A friend.

Under 40 years old, and finding a lump in your breast, you think, “eh, its probably nothing”.

It wasn’t nothing. And in the coming weeks Kate begins the fight. The ultimate fight.

It’s a heady thought. But Kate’s humor shines through.

During our shoot, her sister joked “I’ve found a grey hair on your head Kate!”

Kate’s reply?: “Yeah, I figured there was no point in dyeing it, it’ll all fall out next week!”

And there was genuine laughter. From her and her beautiful family who are surrounding her with love, hope, determination, dedication and strength.

Here is a little peek of her session.

If you have any messages of strength and love, please feel free to post them in a comment below. Kx


Kick it’s butt Kate, ok?



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