Days of Christmas | Table Setting

The Christmas Day dinner table is the centrepiece of the house when family and friends show up to share a meal together, it’s the space they look toward to find their seats and get comfortable. Making your Christmas Day table setting something your own, something personal and beautifully individual will make both the atmosphere and conversation lively and wonderful.

Whether you want to keep it simple and use randomly-picked family photos around the table, or choose special photos of a particular person to reserve their seat, using photos as part of your setting is a guaranteed way to make every guest’s day, when they see themselves represented lovingly at each seat.

On our table setting, we have incorporated pieces of lemon-scented gum, and wrapped a napkin underneath to add depth to the images, rather than having them lay flat on the plate. Another way to use this idea is to wrap the images and the napkins in a small bundle, using natural fibre twine to hold it all together. While this little bundle doesn’t necessarily have a special use, they certainly look fantastic! <3