Born at Burnside

Welcome to the Burnside Family

Congratulations on choosing such a beautiful hospital to welcome your new baby.

In collaboration with Burnside Hospital, we are honoured to curate a rolling gallery exhibition – ‘Born at Burnside’.

Burnside Hospital’s birthing families receive a complimentary portrait experience with our studio, including an 8×10″ matted art print of their choice.

As part of this offer, you are invited to take part in the exhibition, which is updated with new families every 3-6 months. Images are selected by us and feature first name and birth details only. They are professionally printed and framed.

We would love to include every family who births at Burnside, unfortunately images will be selected to feature a variety of images as part of the curation of the exhibition and not every family will be included.

If your baby and family are chosen to be part of the exhibition, you will be gifted the framed print as our thank you for your participation. It is expected that images will remain as part of the exhibition for up to 24 months or more.

Of course, your involvement in the exhibition is entirely voluntary and not a condition of utilising the photographic experience and 8×10″ matted art print offer from Burnside Hospital.

If you would like to book your photographic session for your family and newborn, head to our Burnside Hospital page here.