Days of Christmas | Twig and Twine Photo Stands

These Twig and Twine photo stands are honestly one of our favourite things to use to decorate the house during Christmas time – they are so simple and so naturalistic, we think they’re just gorgeous.

We use these photo stands scattered around the home and near the Christmas tree, but we did have an idea – to use photos of your loved ones as personalised placeholders on the table for Christmas dinner! However you choose to use these Twig and Twine photo stands is only limited by your imagination!

To make your own photo stands, all you need is, well, Twig and Twine! Taking a walk with your little ones or fur babies to find the perfect sticks can also be a fantastic excuse to have a mini bonding experience that won’t cost anything! When you find your perfect sticks, just wrap them together side by side with the twine or string, and slide a photo between the twigs to make it stand upright! Voila! Your very own Twig and Twine photo stand. <3