12 Days of Christmas – Advent Calendar

Yep, it’s the 1st day of December.

Can you believe it? Madness seriously.

So we wanted to share some ideas on how you can utilise the images on your phone, on your hard drives, in your facebook feed and instagram account to actually DO something with …. otherwise they literally just sit on your phone/harddrive etc never to be seen again.

So here is our little list of ideas, starting with an advent calendar!

So with ours, we have selected 24 images of our doggo, Elliot, because he is the centre of our homes love and attention – even when we can be super grumpy with each other, the dog always loves us and comforts the kids and is, well, just the most gorgeous thing on the planet. So we have 24 images of random pics from my phone just printed out at Kmart.

The very simple numbers printed out on the home printer and very boring brown paper sandwich bags! Nothing astounding or overly expensive here. It’s the things on the inside that count!

So … on the INSIDE of each of the bags is a picture – just another random memory of something we got up to over the year … visiting the grandparents on Fathers’ Day or taking a walk on the beach, or heading down the coast for our son’s mountain biking competition.

There is is also a little ‘surprise’ in each bag – the same thing for each kid of course (god forbid it should be un-equal 😉 ) – it’s everything from a chocolate, to a gold coin, to gift vouchers, candy canes and more substantial money-box worthy amounts (they are teenagers – so gone are the times for little token things, they only want expensive electronics or cash, lets be real here ….! lol)

So that’s our advent calendar. Using some of the images from my phone and making things a bit more interesting to remind them of our adventures of the last 12 months.

Other ideas, if you have time, writing them a little note about something that you love or remember from the year ….

Have a great lead up to Christmas!