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Managing the Pain

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We chat to three of Adelaide's leading experts on helping managing the pain of childbirth ... naturally

AND we answer the question … how could a simple comb possible help to manage the pain of child birth?

Feeling a little nervous about the pain of Childbirth? You’re not alone.

As a mum of 3 gorgeous children, I admit to being a little (ok maybe A LOT) anxious at the thought of what it REALLY MEANS to bring these little miracles into the world.

And these feelings are completely normal. Labour and how much pain you’ll experience will be different from woman to woman. We all respond and cope with pain differently … some may feel very little pain, others a lot and some women manage their way through extreme pain with ease and grace.

However, with a bit of preparation and a few handy tools like this simple comb – you will be on the right path to help alleviate your labour fears and a more positive birth story.

To help you on your pain management and Motherhood Journey, I have interviewed three of Adelaide’s leading experts who specialise in helping women manage pain during childbirth … naturally.

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