adelaide mentoring photography

It’s no joke it’s a tough industry. Finding your feet and your voice in such an over saturated market can be tough, especially if you have no business experience or education. You can be the most talented photographer on Earth, but fail at running a business.

“Talent alone is never enough” –  has never been more true.

My Open Book Mentoring means we can cover anything you feel you need help with. From time management, shooting, editing, file storage, back up, insurance, workflow, contracts, websites, products, pricing and more.

All mentoring sessions include an in-depth look at your business – from your website to client information to financials.

I can help you work out the steps you need to ensure you are running a profitable, sustainable and fulfilling business, providing beautiful imagery and amazing service and products to your clients.

If you are interested in my mentoring sessions, please give me a call on 0419 809 570 or email me via the contact page.

Mentoring investments begin at $999, and I only mentor a very limited number of businesses each year.

I look forward to hearing from you.