Jack | Adelaide Family Photographer


Jack | 3 years

Jack was only a baby when I photographed his mum and dad’s wedding at the beautiful Golding Estate Winery.

In the years that have passed since their wedding, Jack’s mum has been diagnosed with a NET (neuroendocrine tumour) cancer. No cancer is good, but this is a particularly shitty one.

The love, connection, hard work, and dedication to each other and the community around them is more than I have witnessed in a long, long time. Ever?

As Jack’s mum heads into yet another round of chemo, I had the pleasure of photographing this amazing family as they ran around in the sunshine, baked a cake (shhh .. it didn’t fall on the floor) and kicked the football.

In this moment, we all wished that blowing a dandelion in the wind, will make all their dreams come true.