We want to make sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible during this crazy time.

Here is a little list of the every-day precautions we are taking at the studio, so you can feel comfortable about bringing your little people out and about, and don’t miss this precious time being captured in photographs.


He’s quiet, sleek and does a great little job, humming away in the corner. He even has a child lock lol!

He’s a super big air purifier, and he is a welcome and important member of the team for 2022. There are little baby-Phil’s in the other rooms of the studio too.

Go Phil!


We have enough hand sanitiser to sink the Titanic.

Everything in the studio is fresh for you, we have a million wraps so nothing is needed to be re-used and our washing each night is mental.

All high touch areas are wiped down and Glen20 is our friend.

We don’t have more than one family in the studio at a time, we will happily wear a facemask for the duration of your session, and you are welcome to wear a mask between being in front of the camera.

But we do encourage you to relax, feel at home as much as possible, and try to forget about Covid and just love on your baby and little family, this time is so precious <3


We have a team of awesome photographers. Why does this help? Well, there is zero pressure for any of us to ‘rock up sick’ .. if we don’t feel well/are in iso/one of our kids is crook, another awesome photographer is available to fill in.

This means you and your family aren’t inconvenienced and your session can still go ahead, and it means everyone can relax!

Most of all we would love for you to come to the studio, relax, forget about the chaos of the world out there and enjoy this gorgeous experience with your family.

Much love and peace,

Kate + Deb + Jackie + Tenille