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6 December 2021

Days of Christmas | Candle Jars

Another absolutely stunning way to decorate your home using photos is candle jars. Depending on what material your photos have been printed on, you may want to make sure your candles are battery operated, but either way, these jars look absolutely gorgeous scattered around a home. choosing photos with warm colours (reds, oranges and tans)

3 December 2021

Days of Christmas | Table Runners

If you’re in need of something super simple and easy to both use your beloved family memories AND spice up that Christmas table setting, using photos as a table runner is such a perfect idea. Not only does this table runner look gorgeous, it is a perfect conversation starter with family sitting around the table!

2 December 2021

Days of Christmas | Table Setting

The Christmas Day dinner table is the centrepiece of the house when family and friends show up to share a meal together, it’s the space they look toward to find their seats and get comfortable. Making your Christmas Day table setting something your own, something personal and beautifully individual will make both the atmosphere and

1 December 2021

12 Days of Christmas – Advent Calendar

Yep, it’s the 1st day of December. Can you believe it? Madness seriously. So we wanted to share some ideas on how you can utilise the images on your phone, on your hard drives, in your facebook feed and instagram account to actually DO something with …. otherwise they literally just sit on your phone/harddrive